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Clear Solutions

Proud to serve you by providing comprehensive solutions for allaccounting and financial issues, by professional and qualified team

We offer a full range of services which include accounting, auditing and Tax services.

Our client base covers a diverse group and includes areas of retail, distribution, farming, trading and services. Our clients range in size from medium to large.


Clear Solutions aim to deliver professional services to a wide variety of clients at reasonable prices. The policy is to understand the client’s business and to provide tailor made solutions.

The Team

 Clear Solutions was found by an ambitious team; who have a vast experience in the field of accounting and tax consultation & Auditing.

Our Professional Services:

The establishment and registration of companies: –
Include, registration and establishment of companies of all kinds in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, including partnership firms, companies, limited partnership, limited liability companies, private equity firms, foreign companies, public companies and Registering companies in Free zones, and helping our customers to choose the kind of company that fit their activities, needs, and investment incentives and exemptions.

• Provide the advice to our clients in all matters relating to the establishment of companies after studying the conditions and laws relating to investment in the area of ​​their business.

• Providing services after incorporation and amendments, which include statements relating to the partners or the company through merger or liquidation, or enter a strategic partner or a foreign partner or changing the company’s location, or change the type of matters relating to the Company or an increase or reduction of capital of the company, as well as topics related to the consumption of a loan.

• As our services also include providing quarterly and annual budgets, and minutes of ordinary and extraordinary meetings, of the relationship and the appointment or dismissal of the manager or board of directors and amending the Memorandum and the Memorandum of Association and to provide official documents relating to seizure and foreclosure.


Include, consulting for sourcing and structuring finance, preparation of project reports, establishment of business plans, feasibility studies, profit improvement studies and reporting, and formulation of business and financial strategies.

  • Provide assistance in procedures of establishing and founding of new companies.
  • Follow up all transactions that have financial impact on companies with all the competent departments such as the Companies Control Department, and Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Financial analysis and evaluation of companies and projects.
  • Managing the conservative investment in the Jordanian stock market according to the International Accounting Standards


Our accounting services include, computerized accounting of all business transactions to assure that the accounts are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. We do reconciliation of bank accounts & Management of different kinds of bank loans, account management and periodic reports and a final restrictions pertaining to the accounts and the final end of the financial period in accordance with the Income Tax Law, Jordanian and international standards.

Tax services

Tax Consultancy and maintaining the legal forms and records required by Jordan tax laws and solving problems with Tax Department (Income tax & Sale tax).

Social security consultancy, providing monthly reports to Social Security Corporation.


We offer audit services through the preparation of annual and quarter financial statements according to the International Auditing Standards, and according to the law of Jordanian Securities Commission.

We are experts in tax law and small business compliance and serve a select group of private clients.

We are experts in general tax law, compliance accounting, capital gains tax and self-managed superannuation.

We are small enough to provide great personal service, and experienced enough to meet all your business requirements.

We look forward to being your partner in business


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