Why to Choose Us?

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Why Choose Us?

  Why Clear Solutions in the field of accounting:

It is clear that there is an urgent need for accountability in all enterprises regardless of their size or type of activity practiced, whether large companies, medium or even small-scale and so can carry out its work effectively and far from financial problems, legal, and tax and that maintenance of financial matters (financial section ) sound manner and in conformity with international standards and consistent also with the tax laws applicable in Jordan, where the equation for those small businesses and medium-sized (which from an economic perspective logical) that such companies will not be interested to invest large amount of money to have their own qualified financial department because it would cost a lot, instead they can find a solution with us.

Where here was a collision that these companies can not or will want to hire people with competence and experience to accounting and financial matters, moving documentary resorting to employ people do not have the experience or the efficiency translates into considerably higher then losses in terms of a cash because the amount you pay for unqualified persons will not give the expected results and in sometimes more than that he has incurred the company had problems with the government agencies concerned and the person to his inability to treatment made mistakes financial losses in many cases, such as documentary or guidance or restriction tab ……. etc., leading to Type of financial destruction of the company and then resort for people who have the qualifications and competencies to address what has been destroyed and the company did not achieve the desired goal.

From here Clear Solutions able to achieving harmony between the objectives of the company in terms of financial and aspirations financial affairs to be made ​​by qualified people through what is known as full-time work of others (Freelance).

The question here is how, and what are the guarantees for the company to deal with us and what the benefits are of: –

The answer is that this solution is not the result of today’s ideas and not Clear Solutions are devised this system or work, but is originally devised and work out and continued many pros and more than expected.

This is done through a specialized department of ​​business and accounting operations are performed accounting firms either at client location or at Clear Solutions premises by people with high experience. All operations will be checked by department managers at Clear Solutions who possess high efficiency and expertise in addition to certificates which gives accurate results to owner to make sure that his financial affairs are going as planned, and he can take reports at any time to help him taking good decisions, also Clear Solutions have a specialized section to help companies take the right decision that helps companies in its operation and development of future plans and incentive schemes to promote the company forward.

All financial matters for our clients are managed confidentially through an internal control system prevents staff from knowing the sources and outputs of these companies through the powers granted to the sections each section has his own duties on the implementation and the other section supplements and so on.

As for guarantees, which must be binding Clear Solutions and is initially a company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade means they have legal entity which it is obliged standards and the Companies low, in addition Clear Solutions has put obligations on them to ensure the customer that if he found fault or problems with government departments resulted in wrong practices by Clear Solutions customer can claim judicially and is entitled to also get malfunction and damage.

The benefits that will accrue companies that deal or will deal with Clear Solutions is to get highly efficient and specialized financial department, that has highly experienced and full-time without putting extra cost such as space and mental effort, which if can be used in other subjects.

Why Clear Solutions  in the field of feasibility studies:

As for the feasibility studies unfortunately the Jordanian market lacks a lot of experience in this field, and some companies issued studies that very far from reality and unfortunately rely on previous studies or studies taken from the internet, that lacks the essential elements for the issuance of feasibility study such as being logical, analytically, and predictive, and to be fair there are people really willing to prepare such studies, especially foreign investors, who need a lot of such studies to help knowing the Jordanian market either as a market as a whole and either a sector of a Jordanian market, unfortunately many investors goes for reputation and not for the qualification, which after entering the market they got completely different results .

So we were one of the first companies that applied feasibility studies ,realistic and practical (been treated each study separately) any one takes into account the time and place and the labor, and takes into account the expected goals of the project, too, and the expected return by look investor , we got results close to precision and realism.

Why Clear Solutions in the field of establishing and registration of companies:

Unfortunately Jordanian Companies Law gave some powers to lawyers to establish companies of different types, which led then to some mistakes resulting from mobilization statutes and internal establishment of companies and their lack of understanding sometimes end of the composition of the company, and some mistakes may appear in the selection of the type or purpose or character or writing the minutes of the meeting of the company, which cost the companies fines and time all because of the lack of understanding of what is required……….. etc..

Where Clear Solutions can take care of coordination between competent professional staff and its legal counsel, however, to avoid many of those mistakes that helped the investor not to the amendment to any action with the Department of Trade and Industry where we managed to provide even more than our clients expectations, for example, the issue of opening branches of the company inside and outside Jordan, which if taken into account at the outset the company to set aside the time factor and amendment fees of both the ministry and that amendment port….. etc.

Why Clear Solutions in the field of audit:

Most companies deal with audit firms on reputation and prevalence are pay large sums of money in the audit process without getting a return for it, where some large companies recruit new graduates (who lack practical experience in terms of their understanding of the nature of the activity and how to register tab before the financial section of the companies) and the depend on them on auditing of both the large or small companies, where the two of them are very different.

When there is an experienced financial department and comes upon people not qualified or do not have the practical experience of the nature of work of an accountant, how can they be aware of the concept of auditing,

Clear Solutions found a solution by providing auditors with academic and practical expertise experience in the field of accounting where they worked deeply in accounting field until they reached the positions of financial managers and financial advisors and worked as an auditors for largest auditing firms globally, where we were able to configure the field of integrated circuit audit and achieve the desired results by investors of the audit process to add something tangible in this area.