Companies Registration

Include, registration and establishment of companies of all kinds in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, including partnership firms, companies, limited partnership, limited liability companies, private equity firms, foreign companies, public companies and Registering companies in Free zones, and helping our customers to choose the kind of company that fit their activities, needs, and investment incentives and exemptions.

  • Provide the advice to our clients in all matters relating to the establishment of companies after studying the conditions and laws relating to investment in the area of  their business.
  • Providing services after incorporation and amendments, which include statements relating to the partners or the company through merger or liquidation, or enter a strategic partner or a foreign partner or changing the company’s location, or change the type of matters relating to the Company or an increase or reduction of capital of the company, as well as topics related to the consumption of a loan.
  • As our services also include providing quarterly and annual budgets, and minutes of ordinary and extraordinary meetings, of the relationship and the appointment or dismissal of the manager or board of directors and amending the Memorandum and the Memorandum of Association and to provide official documents relating to seizure and foreclosure.

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Meant by the establishment of companies

Since we are working in a country that follows the law, it means that the steps the investment must be a pop-up and registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry:

What is meant by companies’ law

Companies Law Act vital to the success of the business environment, and remains important because it determines the environment in which they will work investors.

And identifies the Companies Act No. 22 of 1997 routine procedures and facilitate the process of registration of companies, law firms form shows as well as non-profit civil companies and form, which provides for the establishment of a professional company of people, such as lawyers, doctors and engineers. Under the new law, there is no longer a need for companies to pay a 15 percent fee and capitalization, which has proven in the past they are an obstacle to capital reserves. Besides that allows amendments to the law of the founders of the company to adopt the prices at which they deem appropriate in assessing the value of their fixed assets.

Liquidation Of Companies in Jordan

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establishing limited liability companies in Jordan

They should be aware of the nature of companies and registration procedures for measuring their effects on the economy, it is also important to note that significant developments have been achieved in the management and registration procedures within the Ministry of Industry and Trade. And being prepared for further reform and one of the most important measures is the recording speed and distance from the routine and time-wasting, in the case of registration papers were ready the company is registered in the same day, while she was taking at least the past week.

establishing limited private contributions companies in Jordan

Terms of the types of companies split into two companies people which (Solidarity companies and companies limited partnership) and a money companies (companies Recommendation shares, limited liability companies and joint stock companies in general)

registration of companies in free zones in Jordan

Company Forms

a) Subject to the provisions of Articles (7) and (8) of this Law, companies registered under this Law shall be divided into the following forms:*

  1. General Partnership
  2. Limited Partnership
  3. Limited Liability Company
  4. Limited Partnership in Shares
  5. Private Shareholding Company
  6. Public Shareholding Company

b) It is not stipulated that a prior approval be received from any other entity to register any company, provided that no legislation in force requires otherwise.

c) The Department may declare, in pursuance to instructions issued by the Minister, any evidence or information not related to the company accounts or financial statements.

d) The Department may retain an electronic or minimized copy of the documents and evidence originals archived or deposited with it. It is also permitted to retain by electronic means the evidence, information, registers and transactions related to its activities. These copies and the evidence, information and registers produced after being stamped with the Department’s stamp and signed by the authorized official will have the same legal effects of the original written documents including their legal title in evidence.

Article (7): Companies Registered Pursuant to Agreements Concluded by the Government with other States

a) Companies registered in the Kingdom pursuant to agreements concluded by the Government with any other state and the joint Arab companies emanating from the Arab league or the institutions or organizations affiliated thereto shall be registered with the Controller in a special register prepared for this purpose. These companies shall be subject to the provisions and conditions stated in this Law in the circumstances and on the issues not stipulated in the agreements and contracts under which they were established and their Memorandums of Association.

– Companies Operating in Free Zones

b) Companies operating in the free zones shall be registered with the Free Zones Corporation in the registers prepared by it for that purpose in coordination with the Controller. The laws and regulations implemented in this Corporation shall be applied thereto provided that the Corporation send a copy of the registration of these companies to the Controller in order for him to document the registration of investors in the free zones with the Ministry.

– Civil Companies

c) Civil Companies

  1. Civil companies shall be registered with the Controller in a special register named “Register of Civil Companies.” Such companies are the companies established among specialized and professional partners and shall be subject to the provisions of the Civil Code, the provisions of the laws pertaining thereto and to their internal Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  2. New partners of the same profession may be admitted to such companies or partners may withdraw there from. These companies shall not be subject to the provisions of bankruptcy and preventive bankruptcy.
  3. The provisions set forth herein shall apply to the registration of these companies and the amendments effected thereon to the extent that they do not contradict with the provisions of the laws and regulations related thereto.
  4. If all the partners in a company belong to the same profession, and the company objectives are limited to practicing the work and activities related to that profession, the partners may agree in the company articles of association or its memorandum of association on any special provisions to manage the company or to distribute its profits or to organize the transfer of the shares’ ownership therein and to place the necessary restrictions for that purpose or to place special provisions for any other issues related to the company in accordance with what the partners agree upon.

– Non-profit Companies

d) Non-profit companies may be registered in accordance with one of the types of companies provided for in this Law and in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Law. These companies shall be registered in a special register named “Register of Non-Profit Companies.” The company provisions, conditions, objectives, work that it is permitted to practice, supervision, the method and manner of receiving assistance and grants, finance resources, spending method,

liquidation and accrual of its money upon liquidation and death, and documents that should be submitted to the Controller and remaining related issues will be specified in pursuance to a special regulation issued for this purpose.▪

e) A joint investment company will be registered as a Public Shareholding Company with the Controller in a special register. The provisions of this Law shall be applied to its registration, management and amendments that may occur thereto; otherwise it shall be subject to the Securities Law.

f) The company registration application, articles and memorandum of association or any other document or any amendment that may occur to any of same shall be signed in the presence of the Controller or the person authorized by him in writing. Any document which the Law requires its submittal to the Controller or the Department for any type of the companies listed in this Law shall also be signed in the presence of the Controller or person authorized by him in writing or the Notary Public or a practicing lawyer.▪

Similarities between individuals companies, and stock corporation

  1. Each share capital of more than one person.
  2. They both intended to establish the company make a profit then distribute it.
  3. Each purpose must be legal.
  4. Each of them issues a contract upon establishing.
  5. Each of them has an address.

Differences between individuals companies, and stock corporation

   individuals companiesstock corporation

There is a personal knowledge between partners.The basis here is to collect the money without personal knowledge between partners.Procedure for establishing the company is simpleProcedure for establishing the company is much complicated 

Individual companies are divided into:-

1-Corporate solidarity.

2- Limited companies.

3- Clearing firms.

Stock corporation are divided into:-

1- Stock companies.

2- Companies limited by shares.

3- Limited liability companies.


Article (278): Acts of Persons that are Penalized with Imprisonment of One to Three Years and a Fine of One to Ten Thousand Dinars

a) Any person who commits any of the following acts shall be liable to be penalized by imprisonment from one to three years, and by a fine not less than one thousand Dinars and not more than ten thousand Dinars:

1. Issuing shares, share certificates, or delivering them to their owners, or offering them for negotiation, prior to the approval of the Company Memorandum of Association, and the approval of the founding of the company, or permitting the company to increase its authorized capital before announcing that in the Official Gazette.

2. Making fictitious subscriptions for shares, or accepting subscriptions therefore in an illusory or unreal manner for non-existent or unreal Companies.

3. Issuing corporate bonds and offering them for negotiation prior to its maturity, in a manner which violates the provisions of this Law.

4. Preparing the balance sheet of any company and its profit and loss account in a manner which does not reflect reality, or incorporating in the report of the Company Board of Directors or in the its auditors’ report incorrect statements, and conveying to its General Assembly incorrect information, or concealing information and clarifications, which should be clearly declared by the force of Law, with the intention of concealing the real status of the Company from the shareholders or other concerned parties.

5. Distribution of profits which are fictitious or incompatible with the real position of the Company.

b) The penalties stipulated in paragraph (a) of this Article shall be applied to any person who is involved in the crimes indicated therein and is the instigator therefore.

Article (279): The Penalty of a Public Shareholding Company, Limited Partnership in Shares, Limited Liability Company and Private Shareholding Company Upon Violating the Provisions of this Law

a) Should a Public Shareholding Company, a Limited Partnership in Shares, a Limited Liability Company or a Private Shareholding Company commit any violation to the provisions of this Law, it shall be penalized by a fine not less than one thousand Jordanian Dinars and not more than ten thousand Jordanian Dinars, along with nullification of the violating act if the Court deems so.

b) Should it appear that any one of the Companies stated in paragraph (a) of this Article did not maintain proper books of account prior to its liquidation, then its manager and auditor shall be deemed guilty of a crime and shall be penalized by imprisonment for a period not less than one month and not more than one year.

c) Notwithstanding any tougher penalty stipulated in another law, each person who deliberately obstructs auditors or persons charged by the Minister or the Companies Controller from realizing their duties specified pursuant to the provisions of this Law or their examination of its books and registers or refrains from submitting the information and clarifications required by same shall be punished with a fine of not less than one thousand Dinars and not more then ten thousand Dinars.

Article (280): The Penalty of the Auditor Violating the Provisions of this Law

An auditor who violates the provisions of this Law by submitting reports or statements incompatible with the real position of the Company which he audited, shall be deemed to have committed a crime, and shall be penalized therefore by imprisonment for a period not less than six months and not more than three years, or by a fine of not less than one thousand Dinars or by both penalties, and that shall not preclude subjecting him to the penalties provided for under the auditing profession laws in force

Article (281): The Penalty of Partners in General Partnership and Limited Partnership Companies who Defaults on Executing any Amendments to the Company Articles of Association

Every general partner in a General Partnership or in a Limited Partnership, who defaults on executing the amendments made to the Company Articles of Association, shall be penalized with a fine amounting to one Jordanian Dinar per day for each day the default continues to exist after the lapse of one month from the date of occurrence of such change.

Article (282): The Penalty Imposed on Violations of this Law’s Provisions or any Regulation or Order Issued in Pursuance that have no Penalties Imposed thereof

Any person who commits any violation of any provisions of this Law or any regulation or any order issued pursuant thereto, for which no penalty has been assigned, shall be liable to pay a fine not less than one hundred Dinars and not more than one thousand Dinars.

Clear Solutions & Companies Establishment

There are different types of companies, which require high expertise to determine what is required to establish an enterprise by the investor, and not as it is now the question what is the best toddler there is the best there is and what is required to establish a company and then you can select the type of company. .

And sorry to know that small and medium investor’s founding of the company without resorting to specialists, incurring financial losses in the future, it is indispensable, was planned be avoided if used, therefore we hold the responsibility of the Ministry of industry and trade, where you must establish what kind of companies through the competent offices not only for financial reasons but really until investor expectations and does not regret any decision not correct in the future, and this also helps the Ministry to obtain accurate information and speed When dealing with highly qualified and knowledgeable purist companies as well as the subsequent procedures such as establishment and other records, just like the structured transactions with the architectural and engineering sector may not begin construction until after taking the plans and the supervision by a competent engineer and registered with the Guild.

Services provided by Clear Solutions in establishing companies

Includes services, registration and incorporation of companies of all kinds in the Hashemite Kingdom, including partnerships, limited companies, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, foreign companies, corporations and companies in the free zones, and help our clients choose the type of company that fit his needs and investment incentives and exemptions.

• Provide advice to our clients in all matters relating to the establishment of companies after studying investment conditions and laws in the area of their business.

• Provide services and which contain amendments relating to data partners or company through merger or liquidation, or the entry of a strategic partner or a foreign partner or change the location of the company or change the type of company or matters relating to increase or reduction of capital, as well as topics related to amortization.

• As our services also include providing quarterly and annual budgets, normal and abnormal minutes of meetings and set or isolate the Director or Board of Directors, amending the memorandum of Association and articles of Association and official documents relating to the seizure and foreclosure.

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